Business Lending Options for the Businessmen and Businesswomen

Knowing the types of business lending options and for when and where they are used is beneficial to all companies even if you are not looking for a loan option at the moment. Plus, it pays to be prepared. You never know when you might need one so it is best to keep abreast and know which alternative will be most beneficial for you and your company. So let’s proceed and discuss briefly the different types to it.

export fundingEXPORT FUNDING is the solution to help businessmen who are in the export industry. What export funding facilities do is that they provide you with the cash flow to support your exporting operations like sourcing, manufacturing and delivery of goods overseas.

TERM LOANS are those that come with a predetermined interest rate and are to be repaid either monthly, quarterly, semi annually, yearly or depending on the credit terms. These are by far the most common option in the list and are those that are often used in the corporate world by those with sound financial resources and established small, medium and large companies.

SECURED ones are those that come with an asset used as collateral or as a form of guarantee in the event of non fulfilment of obligations as stated in the agreement or contract. Such assets may be limited to those that are company owned or may encompass and include personally owned assets of the owners. This is common where the values to be borrowed often include a rather large amount.

COVENANTS are those that come with a condition to the borrower where failure to comply gives the lender the power and the right to demand full payment of the amount owed in full. Such covenants are arranged on a case to case basis. These may be a requirement to maintain equity, a certain cash flow level, limited allowable other loans and the like.

PERSONAL GUARANTEE is where the lender provides a personal guarantee for the business using his or her own credit history for qualification instead of that of the business. This one can still be beneficial but may be disregarded by companies with multiple owners as the risks to their personal assets are out there.

Moreover, there are many other business lending options for your business. It would be better to seek advice from your counsel or financial consultant as to what options can provide the most advantage on your part with the most minimal risks and costs. Having the resources to make a company operate is a key player in ascertaining success. It may be challenging and hard but with the right plan and strategies, you will surely get the results you want.

How to Get the Good Spot Factoring Companies

When it comes to raising capital for a company, a popular option among many entrepreneurs is single invoice or spot factoring. This is nothing to be surprised at as such funding method do have its perks. To name a few, here is a brief list:

• It is a quick and simple process.

• It improves cash flows without an added factoring companies

• It does not involve interests and therefore costs less.

• It leverages instead on customer’s financial status.

• It makes the company more liquid.

• It is not a form of a loan.

Now that you’ve had a little refresher, here a few ways to help you land on the good spot factoring companies to suit your financial needs:

• Invest on a good research.

We all know that in everything, planning is a key to success. Failure to do so can be catastrophic. Research is part of planning and it is therefore a must if you are looking at spot factoring and its service providers. Before getting on the engagement, you first have to understand its key concepts and how much of an impact it can do your company. Furthermore, you have to research well on who are the best factors in town, who are suited for your business and its industry.

• Ask your consultants and business advisers.

Do remember to go and talk with your advisers and consultants. Your financial analysts may have an opinion on the matter too. With the nature of their job, it is likely that they know of a few financial institutions that are in good standing and provides the best services. Also, they will be able to guide you in choosing certain options as well.

• Get some professional, reliable and unbiased references.

When asking around from colleagues, businesses partners and from acquaintances in the industry, see to it that their recommendations are free of bias. Their opinions should be backed up by experience and knowledge. For sure, some of them may have already subjected their invoice to spot factoring. Ask them about their experiences both good and bad. Pick up some useful information.

• Go on the World Wide Web.

Of course, the internet goes a long way. You can easily find spot factoring companies by simply typing on the search bar. To benefit best from this, make sure that you have read all the necessary terms, conditions and other related information to help you get to know these entities best.


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