Telltale Signs That You Should Consider Single Invoice Finance

Raising funds for your business is no easy task. In fact, having a business is no child’s play! Time, effort and not to mention capital, has to be put up. Before any profits are realized, so much work has to be accomplished first. As the old adage goes “No pain, no gain”. This holds very true for the corporate world. Capital, both monetary and industry wise, have to be put up.  Industry is all about finding the right people with the right talents for the job. Money is something that’s a little trickier than it sounds. Raising capital before putting up your company is one thing. Raising capital while on business is another. To help you with that here are some telltale signs which could mean that it is time for you to consider going into single invoice finance.

business losing“I hope my customers pay in time and where possible earlier…”

Not all purchases are made through cash. Some are made through credit. In some cases you want your customers to pay earlier but that is not completely possible. To recognize the value of your receivables, you can advance them through invoice finance.

“My bank loan is taking too long and is very restrictive and burdensome…”

Commercial business loans normally take long before approval. This makes them the least likely option for urgent expenses and disbursements.

“If we had more available cash, growth and expansion could be quicker…”

Because cash is often tied up in the invoices, they are unavailable for use for certain corporate ventures like expansion and purchase of new and better equipment.

“We have had a lot of opportunity loss lately…”

Opportunity losses are those that you incur when you fail to act on a particular prospect which could have increased profits. Lack of funds is often the biggest contributor to this.

“Our business partners do not like putting their personal assets up for collateral…”

Loans will always need collateral, both corporate and personal assets. Some investors and business partners do not like putting their personal resources at risk. Single invoice finance does not require your assets as collateral.

“We went into a nosedive during the previous period but now that things got better, we need funds to better operations…”

Single invoice finance will also prove beneficial for companies who have suffered losses and are slowly gaining back their profits. This is because most banks will not lend when they find you financially distressed. Invoice finance providers have no problem with this as they are concerned not on your financial status but that of your customers. Do remember that this is not only limited for use to losing businesses as it has in fact been employed by established ones due to its benefits.


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